The Best Flooring For Rental Properties: What To Know

20 October 2016
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If you own a rental property and you want to find a flooring material that is practical and that will last, laminate wood flooring and ceramic tile are two of the best options you should consider for the property. These two materials offer a variety of benefits that will appeal to both you as the property owner and to the potential renters that will live in the property throughout the year. Read More 

Add Beauty With A Homemade Area Rug Made With Extra Pieces Of Nylon Carpeting

8 August 2016
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If you recently had several colors of nylon carpeting installed in the rooms in your home and have some large pieces left over from the project, use them to create an area rug for your front porch to cover up a bare section. The rug can be placed underneath patio furniture to give the sitting area a welcoming appearance or placed underneath potted plants and foliage. Materials measuring tape marker utility knife scissors roll of carpet adhesive broom soapy water scrub brush carpet pad Measure, Mark, And Cut Carpet Squares That Are The Same Size Read More 

4 Tips For Choosing New Carpeting

12 May 2016
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Having carpet in the home is a great way to keep your home feeling cozy and warm. If you are thinking about replacing the flooring in your home, choosing carpet is an excellent choice so long as you choose the best type of carpeting for your home and specific needs. Here are four tips to consider when choosing new carpeting for your home: Choose Color Wisely: The color of carpet that you choose should have a lot to do with your lifestyle. Read More 

Have A Room With Dark Carpeting? 4 Ideas To Make The Room Feel Brighter

30 March 2016
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While you may love the appearance of dark-colored carpeting, there are a number of things you need to consider since darker colors can make a room feel smaller and less pleasant. Instead of thinking that your only option is to rip out the current carpeting and replace it with something lighter, you can take some time to focus on the right interior design for brightening up the space. With the following ideas, you can create the illusion of more space and make your home feel brighter and more inviting—even with dark carpeting. Read More 

Two Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Tips

13 January 2016
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Hardwood flooring is a popular option for many homes, and this may be attributed to the low maintenance nature of this type of flooring as well as its inherent beauty. Unfortunately, people can make some common mistakes when it comes to caring for their floors, which can significantly shorten the lifespan and appearance of hardwood. By using these two tips, you can make sure that you are taking the best care possible of your hardwood floors, which can ensure they last for as long as possible. Read More