Extending The Life Of Your Tile Floors

10 October 2019
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Without proper maintenance, the tile floors of a home can suffer degradation after only a few years. Basic tile care will start with keeping the tiles clean and safe from common sources of wear.

Consider Natural Cleaning Options

The chemicals that are commonly used to clean tiles will often be highly abrasive and toxic, and they may have unpleasant smells that can linger long after they are used on the tiles. Fortunately, there are natural cleaning solutions that can be used instead of these chemicals. For example, vinegar is an extremely effective cleaning agent for removing light stains and sticky residues. Baking soda can be another option for removing stubborn dirt from the tile as it can be abrasive enough to scrub these materials away while leaving the tile undamaged.

Brush Stubborn Spots In The Grouting

Cleaning the grout is as important as cleaning the tiles. Otherwise, the grout can start to become severely discolored to the point where it is impacting the appearance of the entire floor. Sadly, grout can be difficult to clean due to the numerous small crevices that can be in it. Using a bristled brush can help with scrubbing the grout so that these discolorations and sediments can be removed. When brushing the grout, avoid scrubbing the tile with the brush, as scrubbing could leave it scuffed and scratched if the bristles are applied with too much force.

Protect The Tiles From Wear

Understanding the areas of your floors that will receive the most foot traffic can be essential for allowing you to take steps to protect this tile from excessive wear. For example, heavy foot traffic can lead to the tile wearing down or fading in response. To reduce these effects, you can place rugs in these locations or create an interior design that will attempt to direct traffic through other paths.

Know The Signs That A Tile Needs To Be Replaced

Eventually, all of the tiles that are a part of the floor will need to be replaced. However, they are unlikely to need to be replaced all at the same time. In fact, you will also need to replace tiles that have suffered damage to avoid it spreading to other tiles. When you find that one or more tiles are becoming excessively faded, developing cracks, or developing severe stains, having the tiles replaced can be the most effective option for protecting your floors from the appearance and functionality issues that compromised tiles could create.

For more information, reach out to tile cleaners.