Decorating Ideas With Hardwood Floors

9 November 2018
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If your home has hardwood flooring, there are a wide range of decor options available to you. No matter what type of design style you favor, from a rustic country-inspired look to a sleek, modern flair, you can achieve it with natural hardwood floors.

There are many different types of hardwood flooring, such as dark cherry and mahogany, lighter oak and maple, and environmentally friendly, sustainable bamboo. Another eco-conscious flooring option is reclaimed wood, which can be made from an old barn or antique white pine or hickory. This historic hardwood combines a stylish mix of timeworn wormholes and knots with decorative beveled edges and smooth, polished surfaces. 

When replacing your current flooring with hardwood with the help of a company such as Masters Flooring, it's important to choose the same type of material and even plank width to create a seamless appearance from room to room. This consistent aesthetic will provide a beautiful backdrop for any type of home decor you desire.

Here are some decorating ideas for homes with hardwood flooring:

1. Rustic 

Play up your flooring's casual, nature-inspired appearance with rustic decor. If you live in a beach house or just wish you did, go with a nautical theme. Some ideas include couches and chairs made of comfortable cotton fabric in watery hues of blue. Dress the seating elements up with throw pillows and blankets featuring wood ship wheel, sailboat, or anchor designs. 

For those who prefer a more woodsy vibe, enhance your hardwood floors with furniture and textiles, such as bedding and rugs, in shades of forest green, burnt orange, or crimson red. Hang nature-themed artwork in handmade wood frames, and display interesting pine cone, rock, or driftwood collections on shelves and tabletops. 

Soften up the hardwood floors with fluffy faux fur rugs, either in the center of large rooms or as accents under furniture pieces. 

2. Elegant

Although you can give a home with any type of hardwood flooring an elegant look, the decor style will work especially well with dark woods. Start by lightening up the rooms with breezy window treatments, such as airy white drapes secured open with ornate metal tie-backs. 

Another way to add visual interest to a room featuring wood floors is with wallpaper featuring elegant fleur-de-lis or herringbone patterns in either neutral or bold shades. If you don't want to wallpaper an entire room, use it to accent one or two walls.

Choose luxurious accent pieces in soft, rich fabrics such as cashmere blankets, woven wool rugs, and Turkish cotton towels.