How To Maintain And Care For Waterproof Flooring

30 April 2018
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Waterproof flooring is ideal for areas of your home that are prone to flooding or wetness, such as a basement. The water-resistant flooring will also come in handy if you have kids or pets and want to keep your tiles looking and performing their best. 

Typically made of vinyl planks, waterproof flooring is known for its strength and durability, no matter how busy your household is. The flooring is treated with a special technology that doesn't allow moisture to penetrate the planks. Rather than absorbing the liquid, like natural hardwood tends to do, the waterproof planks repel the fluid, making it easy to clean up.

Waterproof plank flooring comes in a wide range of styles and looks, such as rich hardwood and elegant stone, making them convenient and appropriate for any room in your home. Consider installing them in the kitchen and dining room, so you don't have to worry about food and beverage spills. Water-resistant flooring will also help keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean.

Although waterproof plank flooring is strong and resilient, with some styles even being dent-resistant, it's still important to protect your investment with proper cleaning and maintenance. Here are some tips for caring for your flooring:


After you spill a liquid on the floor, it will sit on the surface, making for easy clean-up. Use a clean, microfiber cloth to soak up the excess moisture as soon as possible, especially if it's a liquid that can stain, such as red wine.

You can then wipe the flooring clean using a pH-neutral product, such as an all-purpose cleaner. Avoid using abrasive, acid-based chemicals, which can damage the floor's finish. 

If your flooring is exposed to a lot of foot traffic or if you have pets, sweep your flooring daily to remove any dirt and debris, such as fur and dander. Sweeping will also remove any hard items, such as pebbles, that could scratch the tiles. 


Keep your waterproof flooring clean by mopping it with a warm water and gentle dishwashing solution weekly or bi-weekly. You can also use a soft scrub brush to work out any hard-to-remove stains. Avoid using harsh materials, such as steel wool, on the tiles. 

General Care 

Protect the waterproof flooring by placing pads under heavy appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators, and avoid dragging them across the tiles. Move the items using a furniture dolly instead. 

Place floor mats by each entry in your home to catch any debris before it can damage the tiles. To learn more, contact a flooring company like Brothers  Floor Covering