Have A Room With Dark Carpeting? 4 Ideas To Make The Room Feel Brighter

30 March 2016
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While you may love the appearance of dark-colored carpeting, there are a number of things you need to consider since darker colors can make a room feel smaller and less pleasant. Instead of thinking that your only option is to rip out the current carpeting and replace it with something lighter, you can take some time to focus on the right interior design for brightening up the space.

With the following ideas, you can create the illusion of more space and make your home feel brighter and more inviting—even with dark carpeting.

Avoid Dark Colored Furniture

A common mistake people make when they have dark-colored carpeting in their home is choosing furniture that is the dark. While this can help create a bold look, it can lead to your home feeling darker as a result and making the furniture stand out less. By choosing lighter colors, you can make sure that the furniture remains the highlights of the room and doesn't add to a dungeon-like appearance.

Consider Laying Down a Rug as Well

An effective way of giving a room a new look without ripping out the current carpeting is laying down a rug. While you may think the addition of a rug placed on carpeting is strange, it can actually make the flooring look much more interesting and is a good alternative to replacing the carpet entirely.

Just like when you use rugs on tile or hardwood, it's important that you use a pad that is specifically designed for placing on the carpet to prevent the rug from slipping out underneath you.

Avoid Dark Colored Walls

Even with dark-colored carpeting in your home you can help make your home appear brighter by painting the walls a lighter color. If you want to paint the walls dark, similarly to the flooring, you run into the issue of the room feeling like a large black box. With lighter colors, or even fun design such as stripes or even wallpaper, you can make a big difference in how open the room feels.

Take Advantage of Any Natural Light

Proper lighting is important any room, but especially so when you consider dark-colored carpeting. Improving the natural lighting is as easy as getting new windows put in or changing the kinds of window treatments you use.

Living in a home with dark-colored carpeting can feel depressing, but it doesn't need to be if you get creative about how to make the most of this unique color carpeting. For more information, contact a company like McSwain Carpets and Floors