How To Decorate A Nursery For A Twin Boy And Girl

2 October 2015
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Are you decorating a nursery for boy and girl twins? If so, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and playful.

The Floor - Of course, tile and wood for the nursery floor would both be good choices. Not only are they both attractive, but they will last for a very long time. However, consider selecting carpet which will add warmth to the room and muffle sounds well. If you're on a tight budget, carpet is a very affordable choice.

  • One very fun idea would be to choose carpet tiles. Selecting both blue and pink carpet tiles would not only be really attractive, but it would follow the tradition of blue for boys and pink for girls.
  • Another idea is to select a neutral color that will go with decor that changes as your twins get older.
  • Think about having an area rug under each of the baby's cribs. Choosing a contrasting soft color will help to create a peaceful setting.

The Walls - Here's where you can be especially creative in your decorating.

  • Consider wall paper with a polka dot, stripe, or plaid design as these lend themselves to decorating for both boys and girls.
  • Another idea is to paint the room two different colors which will complement the floor you have selected.  
  • If you select paint, consider stenciling things like teddy bears, ducks or other animals around the top of the room.
  • Think about having a painted mural on the walls. A park scene with children flying kites and playing games, an animal theme or a circus theme are among the many designs that would fit well into a nursery that is shared by a baby boy and a baby girl.

As you add room decor, consider selecting wooden furniture which is affordable and which will last for a very long time. Besides chests of drawers, think about adding a rocking chair or two and a shelf for displaying pictures, books, and toys. Another decorating idea is to use children's carpets as wall hangings. Some to consider might be those that have letters of the alphabet as the theme. Other good choices would be area rugs that depict scenes from Bible stories. Noah's Arc with all of the animals, Jesus with little lambs or a depiction of the Garden of Eden are all good considerations.

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