How To Seal Cement Tiles And Grout

28 September 2015
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By investing in artisan cement tiles, you can give any surface a completely unique look. Cement tiles are suitable for exterior and interior settings. However, in order to maintain their color and sheen, you should seal them on a regular basis. Even cement tiles with a glaze finish can benefit from being sealed. You can use a sealant that will also seal the grout lines and give your floor even more protection. This article will explain the proper way to apply sealant to cement tiles and grout lines.

Choosing the Right Sealant

First, make sure that you get a clear coat sealant. Do not get a tinted sealant that will change the color and sheen of your cement. Also, make sure you choose a sealant that is dual purpose: it needs to be a tile and grout sealant in one.

Cleaning and Prepping the Floor

You first need to clean your floor as well as possible. Any dust or lint could get caught in the sealant and be (literally) sealed to the floor. Some dust is inevitable, but make sure you remove all the visible debris. You also need to make sure your grout lines are structurally sound. Any cracks or holes in the grout line could have further rotting or cavities underneath. Sealing over these blemishes will not fix the problem. You need to clean up the grout lines and reapply grout adhesive to any sizable holes before you apply any sealant.

Applying the Sealant

The easiest way to apply the sealant is to just pour it onto the floor and quickly spread it around. You will probably need to get on your hands and knees spread it around. You might have better luck if you wear kneepads or an old pair of pants that you don't mind getting ruined. Use a lint free rag to spread the liquid all over, and make sure you penetrate all the grout lines. Wipe away any large puddles of sealant before they dry. The sealant will soak into the cement and grout quickly, so you don't really need to give it time to settle. You can wipe it away with a dry rag almost immediately. Applying an extra coat or two will give your floor even more protection.

This is the best way to protect and preserve the details and colors of artisan cement tiles. Your floor will be more stylish and sturdy if you reseal it on a regular basis.